Adaptoheal is a brand created in Mexico in 2019 by its founders of Mexican and Venezuelan origins, intending to produce adaptogens and natural supplements that boost the health of people who consume them.


Provide the best natural options to enhance and recover health


Keep expanding to bring well-being to the lives of more people around us in the world.

Our Values

Eager to help. Confidence in our work. Focused on improving. In constant search for new solutions.


Dr. Alberto Muhammad Wulff

Internist, a specialist in integrative medicine, anti-aging, systemic phytotherapy, and adaptogen management. I started in the world of systemic phytotherapy more than 20 years ago.

“Shortly after I started practicing my profession as an internist... I realized that a large portion of what I had learned in my years of study was how-to diagnose diseases classified as incurable, and the exclusive use of traditional medicine didn't provide effective solutions. Because of this, I decided to study alternative methods that offered solutions, only to found the adaptogens!From the moment I started to apply it to my life and my patients' treatment, I began noticing an improvement in many aspects, both in sick persons and healthy ones that were looking to improve something. In 2015, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer; I had to put all my knowledge to the test, and thanks to the integrative medicine approach; I beat up cancer without needing chemotherapy”.

Lic. Ana Lucia Alfaro Oliveros

Certified in Applied Nutrition, health coach of INN Health, with studies in: systemic phytotherapy and adaptogens, fasting, kinesiology, brain gymnastics, functional medicine, and a master’s degree in mindfulness.

I started practicing my profession with different alternative and functional therapies in 2006 when I was diagnosed with several pathologies such as insulin resistance and polycystic ovaries. That is when I seek to reverse them with proper nutrition and alternative therapies. In 2009 I used adaptogens for the first time as a complement to diet protocols, having success with their use and their combinations.

I firmly believe that everything is potentially curable if we give our cells what they need to be healthy, like correct nutrition, guided detoxification, spiritual and mental work, and adaptogens use, which achieve the constant regeneration that we always seek in each of our vital organs and functions."